Frequently Asked Questions

Our photography services cover the entire journey of your child’s growth, from the moment they sit up on their own to their teenage years. We capture all the precious moments in between, making sure you have beautiful memories to cherish forever.

Our themed sessions are designed for children who have an interest in sports, dance, music, and other similar activities. We start each session with some regular portraits to help them feel comfortable, and then we move on to the themed shots.

Our location is in the charming and historic Halton Village, Runcorn, which is situated in the northwestern region of England. We are nestled in a serene and tranquil environment, with the ruins of Halton Castle nearby. My studio is a beautifully converted barn that is adjacent to my house. We have two levels of space, the upstairs has a vaulted ceiling which is full of character. The barn has been thoughtfully renovated, retaining its original rustic charm while incorporating modern amenities.

The typical duration of a photography session is an hour, but during your session at our studio, we allocate extra time to help your child feel comfortable and at ease. We understand that building a rapport with your child is essential in capturing relaxed and natural images. Therefore, we take the time to get to know your child, talk to them, and understand their personality and interests. This process not only helps in making your child feel relaxed but also assists us in obtaining more natural and candid images that truly capture their personality.

Before the photo session, we will have a detailed discussion about the colour palette and outfits that would best suit the theme and setting of the shoot. We would highly recommend bringing at least three sets of clothing with you to the session so that we can have a range of choices and variety during the shoot. This will help ensure that we capture the best possible photos that truly showcase your child’s style and personality.

I specialise in child portraits, however, I can accommodate a small family group at the end of the session. If you require a family photo session I can recommend other photographers.


Based on our conversations with numerous parents and grandparents, we have come to understand that the most sought-after products are prints, digitals, and wall art. Considering this valuable feedback, we have designed Collections that offer a combination of these popular products. Our Collections include matted prints, digital images, and complimentary credit for wall art. We have a selection of samples in the studio to suit all tastes.

When you purchase digital images from us, you have full printing rights and can share them with family, friends, and on social media. As full copyright is retained by the photographer, images cannot be entered in to competitions without permission.

We certainly can!

Our services include helping aspiring models and actors create a strong portfolio of images that showcase their unique style, personality, and talent. We understand the importance of a stunning portfolio in the highly competitive entertainment industry, which is why we work closely with our clients to select the best outfits and poses that bring out their best features. Our photography has helped models and actors to confidently present their portfolios to agents, casting directors, and potential employers, increasing their chances of success in the industry.

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A Non-Refundable fee of £95 is required to secure your chosen date in our diary, this fee is deducted from your final order.

Products are purchased at the viewing appointment.

Once your photography session is complete, we will carefully edit and enhance all of the images captured during the shoot. We take great care to ensure that each image is perfectly polished and ready for your viewing appointment. During this appointment in the studio, you will view all of the edited images in person. This will provide you with the opportunity to select your favourite images and decide which Collection best suits your needs. We will be on hand to assist you in selecting the perfect wall art pieces, ensuring that you walk away with a completely customised and personalised collection of stunning images to display in your home or office.

You are welcome to invite other family members, such as grandparents, to the viewing session. This will give them an opportunity to browse through the available items and select the ones they would like to purchase. It’s a great way to involve everyone in the process and make sure that everyone gets something they love.