Below are some of the questions we get asked most frequently, if you have any further questions, please get in touch by completing our contact form

The simple answer is Yes! I am a black and white photographer, in my opinion monochrome is beautiful, classy, elegant, timeless……I could go on 

Black and white is very flattering to all skin types, body shapes, plus it takes away distractions, the most important subject in my images is YOU

We operate an all female studio so, sorry, no men allowed. If your husband or boyfriend has dropped you off, there are places close by that he can get a coffee.

Before your photoshoot, we will have a pre-shoot consultation, during this time we will discuss what outfits are best for your body shape and of course what you feel most comfortable wearing. I always suggest bringing at least 3 outfits with you.

Unless you are a model, I wouldn’t expect you to know how to pose, my job is to guide you into flattering poses so don’t worry, I am here to help

Of course you can! You have the option to purchase one of our collections outright which means she doesn’t have to spend any of her own money or you can purchase a session fee and buy her what she wants at the ordering session. Send me an email if you require any further details

Absolutely NOT, we would never, ever share your images with anyone. We do ask ladies after their shoot if they would be willing for us to share on our website or social media, some ladies say they are happy for the anonymous images to be shared only, other ladies are happy to let us share all images. You will always be asked and the final decision is always yours.

Most sessions take between 1.5-2 hours, it really depends on how much chatting we do! I never book more than one session per day because I don’t want you to feel rushed and I can then give you 100% attention.

If you have booked a hair & make-up artist then then session will take longer.

When you book a session you can decide on session fee only or session fee plus hair and make-up because we understand not everyone is happy doing their own

My studio is a converted barn on the side of my home, it is situated in HALTON VILLAGE, Runcorn, Cheshire. We are very close to the M56 so well placed for Liverpool, Manchester, Chester etc

Ladies travel far and wide to visit us. 

Black and White Boudoir Photoshoot
Sultry, Sexy Photoshoot, Cheshire

When you book your session, you will have also booked your viewing/ordering session, this is usually about 2 weeks later (certain times of the year it could differ) this is when your images will be ready to view.

I have my standard editing procedure, basic skin softening, a little bit of nip and tuck…. I want you to look like you so editing is never over done, trust me, you will love the finished images!

Book now!! There will always be an excuse and with that frame of mind you will never do it, I promise you, you will look like a goddess and you will be glad you did it

We don’t run a credit agreement contract but we will allow for you to spread the total over 3 months, your products will only be ordered after the final payment.

We all have levels and limits, my philosophy is to look at other photographers work and then choose which one you prefer. Photography is an art and everyone has a different opinion. My ladies love coming to my studio, they love how I make them feel, I treat them as I would like to be treated and I work hard to make all my ladies feel extra special.

Before your shoot, I will send you a list of Do’s and Dont’s.

I do request that you DO NOT use spray tan, it might look nice on the beach etc but I promise you, my camera will pick up every single smudge or smear, it isn’t a good look and will spoil your images

I do request as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend as I can always offer the appointment to another client. After paying your deposit to book your session, we allow one change if necessary. If that appointment is not attended then the deposit is forfeited

As an all female studio, I have a lady who helps me with my diary and I have a few ladies I can call upon who are hair & make-up qualified.

I am Karen, the photographer and Photoshop professional.

I look forward to meeting you.